Introducing Milkyway,
our galactic scale data collection platfrom.

We take data management seriously, our data pipelines are built with no-ops in mind.

We handle all ingestion, quality control, reliability, protection & processing with best-in-class performance and full automation.

Even though you don’t need to worry about ops, you don’t have to feel left out.

Nova provides real-time metrics for you to monitor your pipeline performance at any level

Our platform provides insight into all the phases of data management, just like the rest of our services – you get full transparency on the performance of your pipeline with the ability to dive deep into each phase of data management. Don’t replace your data manager, our platform gives him lighting fast access to all metrics, with no reason to worry about tedious tasks your data manager can focus on what really matters.

If there is room for improvement our platform will optimize itself for you automatically.

Variable data ingestion is a worry of the past, with Milkyway. Whether you are working with gigabytes or petabytes of data, Milkway auto-scales for your needs while ensuring safe reliable backups and no down-time.